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What this blog is about

My intention with this blog is to be an open notebook to the world.  Over the years, I've collected notes in various files on my PC regarding, among other things:
  1. Tips and tricks for my Windows PC and the applications I use on it including:
    1. MS Excel, sheet and formula design, and Visual Basic scripts.
    2. DVD authoring software including Nero and Sonic MyDVD
    3. MS DOS command line and .BAT scripts
  2. Issues with my Directv installation at home, including:
    1. Hacking my Tivo DVR
    2. Attempting to use Media Share with my Directv HD DVR (non-Tivo) with Media Share. 
  3. Google's Android phone.  Android is Google's answer to the i-Phone. 
    1. I have it in the form of a T-Mobile G1. 
    2. I've downloaded the SDK and tried my hand at writing an application.
  4. Tips and tricks getting around on a Linux (and Unix) platform. 
    1. I always forget various shell commands (even the most basic).
    2. I'm not a professional Linux expert but just someone who occasionally must log into Linux to manage a website, hack his Tivo box, or get under the hood of his Android phone.
  5. My thoughts or information I've found to help with the worlds problems:
    1. Alternative energy sources, transport, and storage
    2. Health care
    3. Space exploration and, more importantly, colonization
    4. Efficient, stable, and just forms of government
    5. Religion
    6. Women
    7. Global threats from asteroids, gamma ray bursts, and bovine flatulence.
    8. Answers, besides 42, to the ultimate question of life, the universe, and everything.  I believe there is a purely determinstic solution and that God does not play with dice.
Basically, these are notes I've made to my self that I thought I would share with the world.  Hopefully people when people toss their problems to a search engine, they'll find an answer from me.  They won't have to do the work of rediscovering what I've discovered.   I hope to earn world-wide fame and acclaim and maybe some advertising revenue.
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